Who said Revolutions
can’t happen from home?

In the years of growing up most of us had a few common super-heroes in our lives.  And they usually were women. Wondering why we say that? Well, let’s step back to our foundational years. From food to clothes, from cleanliness to education, for every integral aspect in life, when it came to perfection you knew, even as a child, you needed to rely on a woman. Be it your mother, your grandmother, your teacher or your maid-didi.

Our lives & homes are incomplete without women. But to give our homes and lives, a sense of completion, these super-heroes often find their potentials, locked within the very homes they are building. And that’s a pain point that needs a revolution…that needs ‘Tanaya’!

Tanaya brings you an opportunity to build a steady income from home. Here’s how.

What are the Benefits for
Tanaya card holders?

Get your career started with the Tanaya Woman Welfare Card at
a basic cost of 500 INR*!

How can I earn with Tanaya?

What are the perks associated with Tanaya?

How can you associate with Tanaya?

It’s not yet late!
Rediscover your earning potentials with Tanaya with just an investment of INR 500! 

What are the members
saying about Tanaya?

At Tanaya our prime agenda is to bring exposure to the home-locked talents of the women who till date were responsible for building our homes with the best they had.

So check out here, what’s the best they got to say about Tanaya!

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